Thursday, June 23, 2005

Furious Angels - The Video

UK 3:45 2002
DIRECTOR: Howard Greenhalgh

Comments from the "Furious Angels" Video Director, Howard Greenhalgh

I have directed literally hundreds of videos in my time, but this one is definitely one of the best. Not just because of the track, but because I got the chance to work with Rob.

He's a really interesting guy. Totally commited to the film making process as much as the music side.

It's not often an artist will let you fly with an crazy idea.
Here's how I put it to him.
"Rob, if you agree to this concept, you are going to get hurt"
"Great" he said.
And he did......the shot where he is sliding towards the rolling car.....well he was supposed to stop 3 feet from the car.
He didn't....he smashed straight into it.

A swift Hospital visit and X-rays later proved he survived.
We went on to drag him across Cape Town. He did 95% of his own stunts. Got cut bruised and drenched......and never complained once.
Believe me, when you are working directly with artists, this rarely happens.

My parting words to Rob were, "whatever you do next, call me. This could only be the start."

I hope he does.

[Courtesy of forum where Howard Greenhalgh has posted his message on Dec. 4th, 2002.]


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