Tuesday, March 22, 2005



Swept Away
. There, I've said it.

On Guy Ritchie's filmography, packed with smart and witty crime stoppers, Swept Away is the rotten tomato. But should we forgive him? Should be blame his commanding wife for his only mishap? We should forgive him because he is human. And from the new photos revealed from his next movie, Britain's favourtie and cunning criminal mastermind is back. And aren't we all glad.

As all hyped movies, Ritchie has kept quiet on the project's finer details. But is what we know - Jason Statham plays a hotshot gambler called Jake Green who is banned from every casino in town. So when he is invited to a private game with the local crime boss Dorothy Macha – a man so terrifying nobody dares beat to him – no prizes for guessing what comes next. A victory, a hit, a desperate attempt to stay alive.

So will Mrs Ritchie have a cameo in this new sumptuous film? Only time will tell. But with Luc Besson on producing duty, and the Transporter himself bagging his first bona fide Ritchie lead, it looks like Mr. Madonna could up the action ante this time around. Certainly, the exclusive photos of a hirsute Statham, as the gambler in way over his head, it will be as visual feat.

_images sourced from EmpireOnline


Blogger cena said...

Jason Statham is one of the most under-rated actors I have had the pleasure of watching on the big screen. I can't wait for him to start angging the big roles.

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