Monday, February 28, 2005

Queen Madonna

Born on August 16th of 1958, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Ritchie at first focused her energy towards being a dancer. This passion continued through to her studies at the University of Michigan in her hometown in the USA. However, during her first year at university, Madonna left the school-life and home for bigger and better opportunities.

Madonna's destination was The Big Apple. Apparently arriving with only $35 and knowing nobody, Madonna knew she found her home away from home. After doing some modeling work, playing drums in a band, working at the Russian Tea Room and a lot more events in between, Madonna's interest eventually shifted from dance to music. From that point, Madonna was determined to be the Queen of Pop.

Amidst the multitude of her life - Madonna released countless chart-topping singles; re-invented herself with each song; married and divorced actor Sean Penn; defined the words "Blond Ambition" and "Boy Toy"; challenged society's views on religion and sex; made a book called 'Sex'; formed Maverick Entertainment; she said "fuck" on David Letterman thirteen times; had her naval pierced; modeled for Versace; played the role of Eva Peron; won a few Grammy's and Oscars; became Madge; vigorously practiced Yoga and Pilates; actively studies the Kabbalah; is mother to Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon and Rocco John Ritchie; is wife to filmmaker Guy Ritchie; and of course, plays the guitar.

More recently, still riding high after 'The Drowned World Tour', Madonna continued her work on stage and completed a successful run in West End's production of 'Up For Grabs'. After recording the title track for the new James Bond film, 'Die Another Day', a brand spankin' new LP 'American Life' was released in 2003.

In celebration of her twenty years in the industry, Madonna started to fuse her past hits into the setlist of her 'American Life' promo gigs in April 2003. One example of this is the 'Into The Hollywood Groove' project with Missy Elliott for the Gap Cords campaign. Most recently, is the amazing 're-Invention Tour' - a celebration of her body of work, spiritual and personal growth (or plainly re-Invention). Her current passion is working on her collection of Kabbalah-based children's books. Future plans include working on her autobiography. But in the meantime, Madonna (or Esther, her chosen Hebrew name) lives happily in London, New York and Los Angeles with her family.

I guess the only thing she hasn't done, is start her own line of lingerie or haute couture. But I'm sure it's in the pipeline.


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