Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Domestic Diva or Ditz?

Jessica the Genius?

Does America's favorite "Newlywed" play up her role as a ditzy blonde for the cameras? In the Vanity Fair article, editor Krista Smith writes that Jessica may actually have an IQ up there with Albert Einstein.

In fact, Jessica's mom says her daughter's IQ is in the 160s. "The genius IQ is from Tina Simpson," Smith revealed. "I do think the ditziness is played up a bit on MTV. I think it's edited in a very clever way."

But Jessica's TV ratings are what MTV keeps track of. And the network is extremely pleased with the success of her show, which is now in its second season.

And although Simpson is famous for her revealing outfits and sexy videos, when she married husband Nick Lachey, Jessica was a virgin. "She did say that her decision to keep her virginity was more of a traditional thing," Smith told us. "Her belief in God did have something to do with it, but it wasn't entirely motivated by that."

But since she's tried it, Simpson reveals that she likes it. So is a baby next? "No babies," Simpson insisted. "I am definitely not pregnant."

Until this moment, Simpson was not just another reliable celebrity airhead but the one who on "Newlyweds," famously couldn't distinguish whether "Chicken of the Sea" was actually chicken or fish.

It's so depressing. It's also so unexpected.

"Is this chicken or is this fish? I know it's tuna. But it says chicken. By the sea." - Jessica Simpson

At least she's still blonde. But that's it. Instead of a fun, lighthearted conversation about suntan lotion and nachos, we're going to have to discuss Dostoyevsky. I suppose it was inevitable. What kind of person really thinks buffalo wings are actually made of buffalo?

Either someone who is cleverly playing dumb just to keep the masses entertained or a super-genius who is so preoccupied with communicating with alien life forms that she has no time to consider such mundane earthly things.

Then again, it's stupid to doubt someone who has taken a withering pop career and turned it into an all-devouring entertainment industry monster.

Simpson got a promising start on the back of Britney and Christina with her wholesome 1999 major-label debut, "Sweet Kisses," which sold more than 1.8 million copies. Its follow-up, "Irresistible," however, has sold just more than 600,000 since its release in 2001. And her most recent album, "In This Skin," which originally came out last year, barely staggered past gold status despite the success of the television show. It took the addition of a DVD, covers of Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" and Robbie Williams' "Angels," plus another major promotional push for the album to jump past 2 million.

It doesn't matter. Her personality is selling

"I think that freshness and that innocence is something that is missing from a lot of female singers. I'm certainly not denying that I'm young, but I'm not fluff." - Jessica Simpson

She may come off as a little naïve, but her determination to stick around seems to arouse a whiff of Madonna's savvy.

"I've definitely been smart this whole time, but I don't think it takes away from my ditzy side," Simpson says. "I'm a klutz. I'm clumsy. I don't think before I talk. I just ask any question that comes to my mind. I don't figure out in my head before I say something. I knew "Chicken of the Sea" was tuna fish, but for a split second, I had that thought of, wait, maybe the albacore kind is some kind of chicken flavor."

Right. Maybe we should check those test results again.

"A lot of my success has to do with my personality," she says. "Which is nice, because I'm kind of just successful for being me."

Simpson admits she laughs out loud when she sees herself on TV. "I definitely entertain myself."

[quote, interview extract from Aidin Vaziri, and photography obtained from MTV Music Awards 2004 and Golden Globes Awards 2004 - from]


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