Sunday, December 12, 2004

Epponnee Rae Craig

Look at moi, look at moi, LOOK AT MOI!
The (mis)adventures of "Kath & Kim"

It is no shame that Miss Minogue has confessed her love for this quirky, yet top-rating Australian comedy series.

Featuring foxy lady "Kath" (Jane Turner) and daughter "Kim" (Gina Riley), their lovable husbands "Kel" (Glenn Robbins) and "Brett" (Peter Rowsthorn) plus Kim's perennial second best friend, "Sharon" (Magda Szubanski) - this new series peers into the lives of the ordinary, suburbia lifestyle at "Fountain Lakes", a ficticious suburb in Melbourne, Australia.

The somewhat bogan, oblivious life, "Kath" and "Kim" play on Aussie stereotypes, mocked "ocka" accents and a fetish for anything quirky and seriously abnormal. Running three seasons already, this hugely popular show has a cult following and been showing in the UK.

Although "Kath & Kim" is not an accurate representation of Aussie life (initially, UK friends of Kylie thought this was a documentary), it does play on the cultural references (the very normal, "Fountain Gate Shopping Centre"), Melbourne's proud and passionate sporting capital (Sharon's overwhelming support for netball) and popular culture (IKEA).

In series 3, Episode 8 "99% Fat Free" - Kylie debuts as a grown up Epponnee Rae (baby girl to Kim and Brett). Set in Lagoon Court, both Brett and Kim argue at arm's length about Epponnee Rae's career projectory as a TV star (obviously, in "Neighbours"). On the 25th of November, we finally saw Epponnee Rae - all grown up.

Somewhat "reprising" her role as "Charlene" on "Neighbours", Kylie was hardly recognisable with her huge perm, heavy makeup and a very convincing Aussie "ocka" accent, true to the style Jane Turner and Gina Riley perfected for this series. But most surprisingly, Kylie was in true comedy spirit, playing "herself". In a role that is almost natural (uncannily so), many thought this final episode would be cringe-worthy (based on Kylie's misfortunes in the film industry. Anyone for "Bio-Dome"?). However, Kylie rise above expectations and even took a stab at Kim for singing a horrendous version of Kylie's "Red Blooded Woman".

All bias aside, this episode was truly hilarious - and Kylie fitted into the cast perfectly. Rather worryingly so, but alas, it gave her a chance to flex her comic muscles and revitalise the love for acting. Let's just hope she sticks to singing.

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