Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Brecon Jazz Festival in Wales
August 14, 2004

This is the 21st year of the Brecon jazz festival and among the headlining acts were Brit-nominated Amy Winehouse, Jane Monheit and Claire Martin.

It is no hidden fact that Miss Winehouse stands out from the rest. Musically, sure - why not? But try hiding the young beauty in a crowd - that pure fact, or her rustic voice will surely separate and define her.

In the pursuit for credibility and acceptance, it is the performance of any aspiring musician that is closely scrutinised. But even her tender age doesn't hamper her from the experience. Performing in many festivals, and the famous Jazz Café in London, Miss Winehouse is quite a character and charmer.

Usually accompanied with a decent sized band, Miss Winehouse actually plays her own music! Renown for that voice, Amy always has a guitar by her side. Her ability to draw in the most collective bunch of music lovers, young and old is her drawcard. Ever sultry, but not always vocally perfect, Miss Winehouse uses her wildly inventive control vocals to full advantage. From the slurring of midnight jazz to almost quirky - one thing is for sure, her songs are always packed with soul.

One could that be her downfall? Dissatisfied with the commercial success of "Frank", one can only imagine the two minds of Miss Winehouse. In the one corner, the struggle for a young, female soul artist to rise above the ranks of mediocrity and establish herself amongst the long, respected peers in the jazz industry. But on the other corner, any measure of "success" comes from garnering and maintaining sales. But it is the craving of the both that puts Miss Winehouse in a predicament.

Solo performer with acid jazz, or commercial mainstream success?

One or the other?

Or does she even need to choose?

[quote, photography by Barry Quick]


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