Friday, September 03, 2004

I Liek Muse

[quote, Muse Biography - I Liek Muse]

To bring people up to date to all things Muse, I have stumbled across this brilliant page, I Liek Muse and have attached the shortened biography of Muse. One of the bestest Muse fansite around, it's brutally accurate and gives the uninitiated a taste of this prog-rock band's astounding career. Please give this site a visit, and if you're a fan, you will *know* exactly how honest and spot on the drawings and bios are.

I literally burst into tears when I read Chris' bio! And what compounded the truth, was the cute drawing of Dom (poor Dom) and his one big eye. Not only is the simplistic drawing look like it was drawn by a 5 year old girl, but it really does freakingly resemble Dom!

However, in all honesty and pure bluntness, I'll reserve my review for Muse's past studio and soundtrack albums to the drawer of I Liek Muse. It pretty much sums it all up in a drawing and brilliant commentary!

[quote, Muse Discography - I Liek Muse]

And yes, they have LOTS of singles! Countless EPs, vinyls and boxsets...too many for a 5 year old girl to depict and catalog....ah, this will do! Cheers!

I liek Muse ... he he!


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