Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Future of Muse

As Matt sits quietly behind his piano, he drops this revelation -

"I’ve got one song that has definitely gone further, a fair bit further! I’m not sure how it’s going to be recorded. I think it’s a new category of epicness! - Matt Bellamy

But a lot of the stuff is a bit more stripped down, a bit more minimal and a bit more exposed as a three-piece band. I think it’s something we always try to do, but something happens and we just get carried away and it all just goes kind of overboard. I think there’s just this in-built thing in us that is always likely to take something to its furthest extreme. And I think we’re always trying to taper that with pulling back and being more minimal in our arrangements. With what we do there’ll always be that contradiction within songs and within albums between minimal straightforward stuff and ridiculously complex stuff."

Shortly before jetting off to Australia for yet more dates, Matt Bellamy took time to tell about their future plans – and revealed that their new songs have taken unlikely inspiration from The Strokes.

He said: "They sound like a heavier version of The Strokes I suppose. They’re not necessarily tracks that would make it onto the next album. We’re working on a lot of different tracks, but usually the stuff we play live early doesn’t make it onto the album, but I think we need to start moving forward and start playing some new stuff, whatever it is."Matt explained the unlikely link between Muse and his favourite New Yorkers. He said "I really like the fast tempo and really melodic stuff. I don’t think people would ever hear that within our songs because we’re a different style, but I think there’s some really strong melodies and some of that has really stuck with me."

But fans of the big music can rest assured that the UK’s premier space-rockers aren’t about to turn into a garage band.

[quote, extract from interview 16.09.04]

Interestingly, there has been several quotes from the band during 2004 about the possibilities of a new album. Still fresh from touring Australia and New Zealand, Muse have not previewed any new songs, but merely teasing us with tantilising riffs. Well known for showcasing new songs or songs-in-progress in Europe and Japan, Muse have kept their new music confined to the group.

"We’re supporting The Cure in America, touring Australia, going back to America… then we’re having a break. I don’t know if we’ll make another record. Maybe we’ll disappear" - Matt Bellamy.

It was this statement that shocked fans all across the world. Matt was interviewed on Q Magazine [05.07.04] after the Glastonbury concert and there was talk that their "bombastic" rock will be thrown out. But fear not - music will always prevail, and the inside news is, a new album is in the works and will be come out next year.

Fingers crossed for a new era of "epicness!"


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