Sunday, September 19, 2004

Dom - The Fruit Salad

[quote, Dom - "Do you want some?". Photo by Tracy - nu.muse]

Ahhh...Poor Dommy. I love him. If Matt makes Muse, Dom is like the funny 'lil side kick that is just there for the ride. He's the fruit salad. Sorry, I mean he loves fruit salad. He he he. Actually, no matter what shenanigans Dom gets up to [see incriminating photos below], deep down, he's reserved.

Laid back and relaxed, Dominic Howard, is actually more rational than he looks! [Honest!] Most fans who've met his will tell you that he's perhaps the most accessible member of the band, with an undeniable sense of humour. Don't let his childish looks deceive you! Being the oldest member of Muse, both Matt and Chris label him as the "boss". Describing himself as "sad, negative, pessimist," as well as "happy, honest and optimistic," it's clear to see the round about nature that he possess.

Dommy remembers having always been into music - at the tender age of 5, he got a hold of his sister's keyboard before moving onto drums! Initially, Dom became fascinated with drums from hearing a jazz band perform at his school when he was 11. The rest is history.

"He represents the depravation of the band." - Matthew Bellamy

Brie and other fetishes

From Gonzo Muse Special which was on TV a bit before Absolution was released [paraphrased] -

Zane (asking questions from the message board): What's your favourite cheese? Chris...?

Chris :*mumbes something inaudible*

Zane: Matt?

Matt: Cheddar

Zane: ah, the most popular cheese, Dom?

Dom: Brie.

Zane: that's a gay cheese!

Muse: *much laughter*

[quote, Q Magazine]

[quote, Dom in disguise #1 and disguise #2]


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