Saturday, September 18, 2004


[quote, Matt's amp. Photography from]

de·range ( P ) Pronunciation Key (d-rnj)
tr.v. de·ranged, de·rang·ing, de·rang·es

1. To disturb the order or arrangement of.

2. To upset the normal condition or functioning of.

3. To disturb mentally; make insane.

[source: The American Heritage ® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.]

Is there method to their madness? Is all that pent-up energy they blast onstage all due to crystal insanity? Well, I tend to believe so. All the geniuses of this materialistic world eventually go mad. It's all about a matter of time. And how effective their venting is in preventing psychosis.

So why the personal vandalism? I guess Matt was questioning his artistic ability and of his mind. Is he really going "deranged"? Or is he just playing devil's advocate? Perhaps it's a premonition of the future; of things to be? Or maybe, was it a snippet into the musical brilliance that is Muse? Their music is one of "derangement" [or is that de-arrangement?], to disturb the order and function of normal, perfectly packaged pop/rock songs into epic anthemic rock. It's a god-like syndrome. To be the creator. To have control over your creation. Eventually, mere homo sapiens become drugged with power and cripple into self-destruction.

Do we see the end of Muse? Do all their injury signs all point to a tell-tale consensus? I don't want to speculate, because I know we will definitely see and hear more powerfully evoking "music" from this trio. Perhaps, it is this element of madness that strengthen their writing abilities and allow them to experiment in the type of music they want to dictate, refusing to conform or listen to current trends.


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