Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hidden Place

I've just discover that a song that most resembles me, is "Hidden Place".

This is so profound. Not only have I rediscovered my love for this song unexpectedly, but it has been 3 years since it had came out and only now am I taking pleasure in its tiny, minimalistic style. I remember all the hype surrounding the release of "Hidden Place" and Björk's 4th studio album, Vespertine. I heard it first while watching the video...although I was impressed with her earlier works...this song was a bore. Through and through. It was repetitive, loosly based and quite sparse. I was disappointed no doubt.

But upon hearing "mixes" made by the very talented Matmos, "Hearts & Bones" used the intro of this song as a sample. I fell in loved with it instantly! Mind you, it was seriously a year after I had purchased Vespertine on DVDA. Like all Björk albums, there is a minimum of 12 months for me to really first appreciate her music, to becoming avid fans. I guess her music is so forward and ahead of the times, that I have to retrain my brain constantly. I like this in any artist. No matter the style of music, or the voice or the messages in the lyrics. What matters most is how the music moves me, and how it challenges me to accept it, to appreciate it and lastly, to love it musically.

Lyrics to Hidden Place

Through the warmthest
Cord of care
Your love was sent to me

I'm not sure
What to do with it
Or where to put it

I'm so close to tear
And so close to
Simply calling you up
And simply suggesting

We go to the hidden place
That we go to the hidden place
We go to the hidden place
We go to a hidden place

Now I have
Been slightly shy
And I can smell a pinch of hope
To almost have allowed once fingers
To stroke
The fingers I was given to touch with
But careful, careful
There lies my passion, hidden
There lies my love
I'll hide it under a blanket
Lull it to sleep

I'll keep it in a hidden place
I'll keep it in a hidden place
Keep it in a hidden place
Keep it in a hidden place

The beautifullest
Still strong
Dark and divine
And the littleness of his movements
Hides himself
He invents a charm
That makes him invisible
Hides in the air
Can I hide there too?
Hide in the air of him
Seek solace

In that hidden place
In a hidden place
In a hidden place
We'll stay in a hidden place
Ooohh in a hidden place
We'll live in a hidden place
We'll be in a hidden place
In a hidden place


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