Sunday, August 29, 2004


"Domestica" has always been one of those quirky, b-sides that Björk constructed. Out of pure insanity and stress of everyday life and taking an obvious toil on her, she comes out with this. Being constricted with limited freedom, one cannot help but to empathise with her, or just plain laugh at the absurdity of the song! No doubt Björk once again strikes a chord with her guttural honesty.

The above photography by guru David LaChapelle (Madonna, "Ray Of Light") has nothing to do with "Domestica", but it resembles the theme. Behind the glamour, style and sophistication, Björk covers her face with a fishnet stocking. In another fashion non-conformist direct statement, Björk almost feels that she needs to hide behind a mask. Although see-through, it is restricting her facial movements and expressions. This is one of the underlying theme to "Domestica", that no matter what a musical superstar, electronic goddess or diva she may be, Björk has to partake in the daily grind of life that so many of us has experienced.

Lyrics to Domestica

Oh boy,
Where HAVE I put my keys?
I've looked in my pocket
Behind the newspaper
And underneath the remote control
But I still can't find where I put it again

Oh boy,
I cannot find my KEYS!
I'm far too late
The door is open now
A taxi is waiting there
Ba ba ba ba ba baba ba ba ba

The phone keeps ringin'
I'm DEFINITELY not goin' to
Pick it up, cause:
When I grow up
I'm gonna get those fancy key-rings
That you
Whistle at
They whistle right back
At you
Ba ba ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba ba, HA! [laughing]


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